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Shabbat Services

We meet the first three Fridays of the month. The fourth week we meet on Saturday.

Erev Shabbat (Friday) Service begins with praise and worship at 7:30, followed by our study in the Word and prayer. 

Shabbat services on Saturday begin at 4.

We conclude our time with fellowship and refreshments.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the refreshments are encouraged to do so. 

Musicians with instruments who wish to be a part of the worship team, please get in touch with our Worship and Musical Director

Special Events

Special events such as prayer breakfasts, special studies, fellowship gatherings, and just fun get togethers will be announced. 

All on our list will be notified and encouraged to join us!

Kahilat Ben David

קְהִלַּת בֶן-דָּוִיד

Congregation Ben David

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