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As I listen to the comments of the "anti-missionaries", their main target is one of the strongest proofs of Yeshua being Moshiach.  So, what they do is twist and almost do a kind of violence to Isaiah 53 to try and sever it from Yeshua. 

In the process they claim it speaks of Israel, not Moshiach, therefore cannot be referencing an individual such as Yeshua. However, there are other passages where the servent of God is presented as an individual, even Isaiah himself is called the servant of God. 

The text also shows Israel cannot be the reference since they are not righteous enough to take on the sins of mankind. In response the anti-missionaries claim it instead references the righteous remnant of Israel. This too falls flat when you read the actual text, as Isaiah 53 states, all have sinned, all have gone their own way. 

It is fairly well understood Israel and Moshiach (Yeshua) will in a kind of symbolic way, mirror each other.  In and out of Egypt, together in the sufferings in Daniel, the suffering servant, and so on. 

With that in mind, I propose in one sense they are correct with the righteous remnant. However, not in the way they would like to believe.


The only way anyone is made righteous is through Yeshua and what Isaiah 53 and other passages describe. 

Therefore, the righteous remnant are the Messianic believers, they are the righteous remnant of Israel. Yeshua ha Moshiach is reflected through them and through Him they are made righteous. 


Just a thought

Kahilat Ben David

קְהִלַּת בֶן-דָּוִיד

Congregation Ben David

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